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10 people who definitely need a 3D Printer

There are some people amongst us, whose lives will forever be changed by the presence of a 3D printer.

  1. Product Designers - It’s very obvious why.

  2. Jewelry Designers - Think about not having to make anything by hand anymore. Yes, Nothing. No more wax models, moulds. Nothing.

  3. Design and Technology Educators - Your students would love you even more, and learn a few things at the same time.

  4. Doctors - All varieties, there is an application for you somewhere.

  5. Engineers - All varieties, there already are a million applications for you.

  6. Architects - Think of all that massing and more, think of all the clients you can win.

  7. Ultra-Hobbyist - The person whose hobby is having hobbies.

  8. Scientists - Better visualisation of a model perhaps?

  9. Students - From all the above discipline and some of those who aren’t.

  10. The Dreamer - The person who wants to change the world, 3D Printing is the technology for you.

The Plug:

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