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9 things you must do before sending your design to mēkā for 3D Printing

Recently, more people seem to be exploring 3D printing as a tool for prototyping. While most files are easily printable and don’t have too many problems, there are some that requires a bit of pre-processing. As much as possible, we want to keep this to a minimum so we can focus on providing the best 3D prints at the quickest possible time to our clients.

Here is a checklist for the next time you send a 3D print to us:

  1. Check that your model is closed and manifold

  2. Check the orientation of the mesh - correct normals are important

  3. Check minimum feature size is at least 0.4mm

  4. Ensure walls are at least 1mm thick.

  5. Do pay attention to overhangs on your models, we will print with supports as much as possible. Removing supports and any post-processing will be charged separately. We encourage you to do this on your own.

  6. Our maximum build capacity is 25cm (L) x 28cm (B) x 30cm (H), ensure that your objects adhere to these sizes. If you want to print objects larger than this, you would need to ensure that you cut your object up into multiple pieces.

  7. Export file in .stl format.

  8. Pass your objects through the netfabb ( to double check and ensure everything is alright, paying special attention to any hollow parts you may have designed and also the dimensions of your object.

  9. Check the fixed file and send the fixed file via email to Please indicate: Quantity and timeline. Also include anything else you think we should pay attention to.

We look forward to sharing the joys of 3D printing with more people.

Great write-ups with much more information is available at:



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