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mēkā as a product innovation agency

One thing that has always been a constant at mēkā is change. We constantly grow and improve and make sure we are putting out our best. This has led to a constant search for new models and new ways of positioning ourselves.

Somewhere in October 2021, we reached out to Agmon Porat and his colleague, Matthew from Let-Lab. A brief conversation turned into some sage advice on positioning and the search for new opportunities. After some research, the idea for a repositioning was born.

As we enter 2022, we want to reposition ourselves to be the choice innovation design agency. We want to build upon the work of our friends at IDEO, Accenture, Board of Innovation and Fjords.

What does this mean? This means we will be constantly exploring and building. We want to help companies recognise opportunities for innovation. Using our service, companies will be able to focus on their core business while building well into the future.

Why us? As we pivoted into product design and development in 2021, a constant question was, “You are so small, how will you help us to manufacture this?” Being small is something we don’t want to change anytime soon, so why not embrace it. Our size enables us to communicate easily and make changes quickly, thus enabling a process of iteration.

Here is what changes:

Our Vision

To build a better world, one innovation at a time.

Our Mission

To help companies grow new revenue streams by recognising and realising opportunities for product innovation

Fee structure:

We will be implementing a staggered fee structure across innovation projects. Starting with an exploration fee, a success fee, a design and build fee and incremental fees (for maintenance and improvements). This provides a clear breakdown and also provides us with some "skin in the game".

Some references:



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