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About mēkā

Established in May 2013, mēkā (pronounced Mek-ca), Japanese for “maker”, is an ISO9001 certified product design agency. We focus on hardware innovation.

From our roots in 3D Printing, we have evolved into a full-service product innovation agency. We make it easy and risk-free for our clients to build innovative new hardware products by providing them a variety of services utilising our knowledge, experience and resources.


To build a better world, one innovation at a time


To help companies grow new revenue streams by recognising

and realising opportunities for product innovation

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mēkā is registered in Singapore and in the state of Wyoming, USA. 

How we collaborate

Fee for Service

You pay us for a clearly defined scope of work. We'll solve your problems. You'll own all the IP.


We'll design and develop the products and components. You'll pay us royalties and buy essential components from us. We own all the IP.


If you can identify a problem but don't have the team to explore solutions. We can help. We will co-own the IP together.

Spin-offs and Joint Ventures

If you are an expert in your field and can identify an opportunity but you need a team, we'd love to collaborate on a startup.

Meet The Team


Shafiq Ali, Founder & CEO

Master of Ideas

- Interested in everything

- Leaps then looks

- Takes care of the boring stuff


Hisham Bary,
Head of Engineering

Master of Engineering

- Wants to own every tool in the world

- Turns ideas into reality

- Can teach himself anything


 Muhammad Junaidi, 
Head of Design

Master of Design

- Develops concepts

- Makes things beautiful and usable

- Does whatever it takes

Meet our partners


TI Medtech is a product development management consultancy with extensive experience in bringing medical devices to market. 


Contract manufacturer from China specialising in electronics and medical products. ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.

planner at large logo.png

An award-winning creative business consultancy. They work with ambitious companies from all over the world to unlock growth.


Yunora is a platform for creative technologist focused on unlocking potential through training and community activities

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