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Angsana Primary School - 3D Printers for Applied Learning Programme

As the school embarks on the introducing the Applied Learning Programme to their students, Angsana Primary School has decided that 3D Printing will be one of the main focus on the programmes.

With one FlashForge Creator 3, 2x FlashForge Adventurer 3 and a whole bunch of filaments, they are ready to help their students explore, ideate, create and iterate.

We also conducted a training session with a bunch of teachers to help them understand 3D printers, learn how to use them and importantly to learn about resources they can find online. We are also happy to help should they require any assistance.

Thank you to the teachers for choosing Meka 3D Printing as their provider.

Thinking about introducing 3D Printing in your school or business? Contact us at for a discussion. We have a wide range for 3D printers to cater for every need.



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