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Building optical assemblies

We've been doing a few optics-related projects recently. From simple holders to complex handheld systems, we've been challenged to build bigger (sometimes smaller) and better.

The challenge:

Building complex systems consisting of multiple jigs that are also fully adjustable at very small increments. We also have to ensure the ray of light does not degrade as it passes through multiple lenses and detectors.

We were not involved in the design of the lenses, we were involved in creating the assembly and jigs that allowed the user to keep the lenses in place and adjust its position.


1. A thorough analysis and a detailed study of the client's requirements

2. Study of materials and usage considerations

3. Choosing optical components and initial layout

4. Computer-Aided Design, simulations and analysis

5. Mock up with 3D printing

6. Iterations and improvements

7. Final deliverables in material of choice

Our team works closely with the client to ensure that all their specifications and tolerances are met.

Think you need some optics-related work? We can help!

About mēkā

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