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Concept - Lorry Cover and Canopy

The Problem:

Lorries are available either with a canopy or without a canopy. With a canopy, a lorry driver is able to ferry passengers and also safely store any items that they would need for their daily work. However, there are restrictions to the size of cargo that can be carried.

Without a canopy, a lorry is able to move large items unencumbered by height restrictions caused by a canopy. But, drivers will not be able to protect cargo from rain or ferry workers.

We wanted to work on a concept that offers the best of both worlds without any of the drawbacks.

The Solution:

We designed a canopy roof that was to be mounted on actuators. The roof will be able to open at a 45˚ and 90˚ angle which would allow goods to be loaded without having to remove the canopy. We also designed side rails to be folded down to maximise space and folded up for safety when carrying passengers.

When fully folded down, the roof forms a cover allowing storage of equipment and tools without security concerns.

The concept does not take into consideration any laws that may govern weight or design of vehicles.

Top left: Lorry with canopy open for loading/unloading

Top centre: Lorry with canopy deployed for transportation of personnel

Top right: Lorry with canopy closed for safe transport

The Plug:

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