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ESD-Safe 3D Printing in Singapore

We've teamed up with 3DXTech to offer ESD-Safe 3D Printing to our clients in Singapore and the region. ESD-Safe 3D Printing allows for the production of complex and customised jigs and fixtures for the electronics Industry. In the Electronics Industry, it is important to manage Electrostatic Discharge. Materials that allow for a buildup of electrostatics charges can lead to damaged components which can be costly in such a high-value industry.

This is why we rolled out ESD-Safe 3D Printing Services in Singapore in July 2020.

3DXTech is the world-leader in ESD-Safe 3D Printing Materials. Their proprietary technology allows incorporation of Carbon Nanotubes, leading to stable and reliable ESD-Protection after 3D Printing.

Top: Raspberry Pi Holder 3D Printed with ESD-Safe PLA. Custom-design for mounting.

At mēkā, we are an agile team that is ready to help you bring your projects to fruition. Our team will work with you to design, prototype and implement products to help you succeed.

The Plug:

Are you in the electronics industry? Find out how we can help you. Contact us at to speak to one of our team members and see how we can help you. We've done a range of projects for a wide range of clients and even if we can't help you, we will point you in the right direction. Speak to us now.



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