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FlashForge AD1 for Signmakers

In 2019, FlashForge introduced the AD1, a large 3D Printer specifically catered towards Signmakers. The FlashForge AD1 allows Signmakers to create 3D Channel Letters with two different colors quickly and easily. No more long processing periods spent bending and fitting acrylic into odd shapes.

Traditionally, making a 3D Sign would involve:

  1. Cutting Acrylic into flat shapes for the top designs of the sign

  2. Cutting long strips of acrylic and using hand tools to heat and bend the acrylic into shape following the top designs

  3. Using glue and fasteners to stick the sign pieces and top designs together

In between there is a lot of measuring, cutting and pasting.

Here is a video of the process:

(If you are a sign maker, you know this already).

Now watch how easy things are with the FlashForge AD1.

Some benefits of the FlashForge AD1:

  • The Freedom to be creative - without being limited by technical ability and man-hours, you can now provide your clients with a lot more designs

  • You can save up to 2/3 of your production time - most of the process is automated with the FlashForge AD1

  • Increase throughput due to easier and quicker workflows - make more signs for more customers

Check out some samples:

Thinking of making life easier with the FlashForge AD1? Contact Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd at and we'll be happy to help you.



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