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Our new 3 Stages

Given the experiences we have had, both good and bad, we've been figuring out the best systems to put in place to make it easy to start on the product design and development process.

Stage 1: Design

The first step is to start research and planning. We'll gain insights into your problem and idea with thorough research and ideation. We'll also work out the resources, budget and timelines needed to bring your idea to reality.

Stage 1: Design is helpful:

- to create business plans

- get management buy-in and win investment

- get more accurate quotes and timelines from other firms.

This is a fixed price assignment ranging from 2-6 weeks.

Stage 2: Prototype

The second step is to start building. In this stage, we work out the design and engineering details and we build prototypes.

This is where a bulk of project time is spent. We iterate and improve through the process of prototyping until a final product is found.

As most of the planning is already done in Stage 1: Design, we can concentrate our efforts and resources in Stage 2: Prototype to achieve the best possible outcome.

Stage 3: Manufacture

The third step is to start manufacturing.

We work with our trusted partners from all around the world to arrange all manners of manufacturing and logistics. We'll implement production and quality controls at every step to ensure only the best products are shipped.

We believe the 3 Stage process is an easier and fuss-free method of getting product design and development work started. Get started with Stage 1: Design.

Have a question? Drop us an email at and we'll be happy to answer them.

Download our project portfolio below.

meka product prototyping portfolio
Download PDF • 615KB



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