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PCB Design - From prototyping to manufacture

Design and Manufacture of a Printed Circuit Board for a medical device company in Singapore.

Left: PCB after optimisation and testing, ready for deployment.

Right: PCB designed and manufactured in 5 days for validation and early testing.

In October 2021, we were contracted to design and manufacture a power distribution board and casing for a medical device company from Singapore. The brief was simple but challenging - the first 100 assemblies were to be made available in 30 days with an additional 200 assemblies to be completed after 60 days.

While design of the casing was fairly straightforward, we still had 3 iterations before settling on the final design.

Casings were designed and optimised to be 3d printed, finished and spray painted for use in a medical environment.

In order to complete the first 100 assemblies, we had to use readily available components to complete the prototype boards and then optimise further. This allowed us to work in two parallel tracks - the first track building the first 100 assemblies and second track optimising the boards, testing them and then completing the additional 200 assemblies.

Top: Final version of the PCB after optimisation and testing.

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