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Slaying Dragons - a 6 week sprint

Somewhere in September, we were contacted by a research group to assist them in creating some carts for an event to be staged in the early part of November. The Dragon Carts were to serve as live stations during the event to engage the community.

The main challenge faced was the timeline. We only had about 6 weeks to complete the build. The client was able to provide us with an illustration and some details about what they wanted. It was then off to the drawing board to start bringing their ideas to life.

The Dragon Discussion Cart

The Dragon Engagement Cart

The process:

We spent the first week planning and ensuring all the different parts come together as and when required.

The main components were:

- Steel Frame + Color Scheme (outsourced)

- Lights (purchased)

- Carpentry (built in-house)

- Light boxes (Dragon head and tail) (built in-house)

- Portable Power (purchased)

- Monitor and Frame system (built in-house)

- Motors and electronics (built in-house)

Outsourced builds took approximately 4 weeks to arrive in our workshop After that it was 4 days on non-stop work putting it all together.

A quick time-lapse of us putting the steel frames together with electronics.

The delivery:

A launch event was held on the 26th of November at Toa Payoh East Community Club. The event was attended by Members of Parliament and grassroots leaders.

Do you need to build custom hardware? We can help. Contact us at or fill out the form.



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