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United World College South East Asia gets a Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer

A month ago, we got the chance to set up a StoneFlower Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer for the Art Department at United World College South East Asia East Campus in Singapore.

The StoneFlower Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer is currently one of the best paste extrusion 3D printers available in the market. It has a micro-auger system that ensures removes all air bubbles from the paste being extruded. The micro-auger also enables the 3D Printer to work with various viscosities of clay and ceramics. StoneFlower 3D printers are in use in pottery studios, art schools and various departments in private companies.

The StoneFlower Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer took a long time to arrive due to unforeseen delays caused by the 2019 holiday season.

But yes, in February 2020, The StoneFlower Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer finally arrived.

It came in a wooden crate that looked very intimidating. But overall everything inside was packed nice and labelled. Instructions were very easy to follow.

Top: Putting together parts for the overhead mount for the RAM Extruder (See below for extruder)

sidenote: It was a clear day, we had a great view of the city in the distance (We were nearly 16km away)

Left: Overhead mount and RAM Extruder (This is not the correct way of mounting)

We had one small piece of mount (it's more like a clip) missing but Anatoly from StoneFlower was quick to send it over to us.

Bottom: We also had some issues with the Wifi Module on the DUET board. The Wifi warning shown below kept popping up. UWCSEA does not have an open wifi system where we could enter the Network SSID and Password and get to work directly. Lesson learnt: Next time order the DUET Board with ethernet and not WIFI.

Overall, it was an easy build. Mostly a two person job as there was plenty of alignments, holding in place and tightening of screws.

Now to proceed on with 3D Printing in Clay and Ceramic (delayed as the school was preparing for examinations)

The StoneFlower Clay and Ceramic 3D Printer is available at the 3D Printing Materials Store. Contact Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd at to learn more.



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