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Process and Services

Over the years, we have worked on many different projects for many different clients. With that experience, we have developed a stage-gated process to suit every client. Our work involves a lot of research and iteration. We ensure to keep the client informed and updated in every part of the process. 

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Step 1: Design

■ Product requirements and specifications

■ User, product and market research

■ User experience testing and design

■ Multiple concept development

■ Presentations, mock-ups and models

■ Preliminary human experience studies

■ Testing requirements


Step 2: Prototype

■ Human interaction studies and models

■ Technology development
■ Produce works-like models
■ Produce looks-like models
■ User analysis and validation

■ Produce working prototypes

Step 3: Regulatory Submission

■ Identifying standards to comply with for regulatory submission

■ Testing and certification (through third parties)

■ Curate documentation according to submission requirements

■ Other support needed for regulatory submission

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Step 4: Manufacture

■ Optimise design for manufacture and assembly
■ Manufacturing prototype testing, verification and validation
■ Pre-compliance/compliance testing
■ Finalise production documentation

■ Appointment contract manufacturers

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