Our Services

Our service offerings are broken down into 4 main categories. We are a dynamic team providing a variety of services across a large spectrum of industries.

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Idea Exploration

We start with a problem and do a deep dive into every aspect of it - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. We speak to users and stakeholders to study their needs and wants. We generate a variety of ideas to explore and score them according to the three main requirements of:

- Feasibility

- Desirability

- Viability 

This gives the problem owner a better understanding of the problem and clarity on the ideas proposed.


Design and Engineering Services

Our team is well-versed in designing, fabricating and assembly of a variety of hardware. From small electronics goods to refrigeration assemblies, our design and engineering team is available to help in a variety of ways. 

Design, fabrication and assembly:

- Mechanical


- Electronics

Prototyping Services

We have a variety of tools in our workshop to help you get from design to prototype. We also have an extensive network of partners that we can rely on to help us fill any gaps in prototyping.

Our capabilities:

- Computer-Aided Design

- Laser Cutting

- 3D Printing

- Metal Fabrication

- CNC Machining

- Waterjet Cutting

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After extensive design, development and testing, we tap on our network of manufacturers, assembly houses and other partners from around the world to help you get your products to market. This could involved small-scale runs for market testing and validation or full product roll-outs - we have the necessary resource and experience to satisfy all requirements.